Untitled-1Carnegie Mellon University has made available there huge library of Mocap Data

http://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/cmu-bvh-conversion/bvh-conversion-release—motions-list has a list of all the available actions.

The data is hosted at The Trailers’ Park.

Jennifer Sumbu Longe has converted the data,  into six other formats: .dae(Collada), .mb (Maya), .max (3ds Max), .vns(iClone), .bvh (iClone), and .fbx(Motion Builder, Maya, 3d Max, Modo,…).

A while ago, my wife mentioned an idea she had for an animation with the  theme  “You Are What You Eat”.  The  characters built out of objects like little vegetables and acting out different stylized sports actions. I searched for motion capture data that was available for free and stumbled into Carnegie Mellon’s database of motion capture database. Initially, I was excited to take some of these clips and apply them to rigged characters that were built out of vegetables and share the process. Looking deeper into the plan the CMU Database is in a format that is very obscure and I was interested in finding a way to get that data into Maya. There are several BVH converters for maya but ran into further difficulties with these scripts or plugins. Just last month I checked again and they are available in many formats now! I’m researching  the look of the characters using sprites of vegetables.