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3d Cube Wipe

disc_rebrand5For anyone who hasn’t seeen this amazing rebrand package that royale did for Discovery Channel, you need to watch more educational television!

 This caught my eye earlier this year and it stuck in the back of my head. I pondered how I would achieve this simple but amazing effect.

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Photoshop Production Actions

psd entouragingPhotoshop allows automation of common tasks through its action interface.  I have found it very useful for tasks that are used all the time. Things like saving images to a certain size and format, common image tasks from my 3d application like  getting alpha into the way I like to use it (layer mask), and recently making ID matte layer masks. Spending some time upfront to create these actions saves hours in the long run and frees your brain up for more creative tasks.

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2,000+ Free Mocap Files

Untitled-1Carnegie Mellon University has made available there huge library of Mocap Data—motions-list has a list of all the available actions.

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MIA Material in Maya


One of the main reasons I love Maya is that it is ultimately customizable!  You can do things like customize the interface, create custom buttons that automate common tasks. Even redesign default behaviors of materials or rearrange attributes of built in shaders so that the interface makes more sense to you the user. I have reorganized the attributes of the MIA_material into more intuitive locations.

Autodesk has been refining the attribute window, while mental images has been adding features, and they always seem to leave me a bit disappointed in the organization of these attributes.  Why aren’t all the reflection attributes in the same place? BDRF attributes have there own category, that falls after refraction and translucency falls after BDRF, not after refraction. This shader is hard enough to wrap your head around without have to hunt down were the settings are, or when you tweak reflections, to be scrolling up and down between BDRF falloff and reflectivity. I guess I’m just meticulous!

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Gnomon Releases New Unreal Training

dvd_case_thumbUnreal Editor has fascinated me for a long time. Being a huge fan of Gears of War, I hope soon to be able to review this training material. Gnomon is by far my favorite source for training material. Everything that I have seen in there series is either good or drop jaw fantastic. They have an entire library of video training for all the most popular software packages in the industry today! EVEN LIGHTWAVE ! Check these out!

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