CaptureHave you ever wanted to know exactly which file was used to render the image sequence that you are looking at in AfterEffects Have ever wanted to rerender your renders on the farm without having to resubmit them from Muster. Have you ever wanted to render each of your renderlayers separately so that it will go faster, and rerender only the renderlayers you need


This procedure maintains the folder structure standard and properly saves your render files   into their proper location as well as backs up a file from the render folder in case you need to go back to a previous version. Using the tool would allow for keeping a record of the files that were used to render. If another artist where to pick up the job he would have access to the master file as well as folders containing all previous renders submitted. You can track all your renders that you submit to Muster so that when we share work it will become clear to us where the files are located. If all Render layers are submitted as separate jobs to the RenderFarm: When a chunk fails resubmitting will not require all render layers to be re rendered.

Shot Folder:

  The Folder in PROJECT/scenes that is your Shot Folder

Absolute Render Folder:

  If you want to define an absolute location that is not  scenes/SHOT Folder

Export Single File

  Export On Renderlayers to one file with the name defined.


  Adds Prefix to all exported files

Note :

  Add Notes for artists


  Copy all .mb files contained in folder into a directory titled with the date (ie. -2012.10.26)

Under the scenes folder resides a folder with the ShotNumber_Description (SH08_Waterfall)

This folder contains the master files ShotNumber_Description_v001.mb (SH08_Waterfall_v001.mb)

The folder render would contain ShotNumber_Description_Renderlayer (SH08_Waterfall_AO.mb)