I’ve used Windows  ever since there was a windows (windows 3.1 anyone?) and before MS-DOS so I guess my feelings are pretty biased when it comes to comparing osx and windows. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that Macs are the easiest computers to use.

Mac is great for what the general user wants to do  these day, ie. pictures, video, emailing internet activities, and the basic stuff. What about “Power User” functions such as ……….SHOW HIDDEN FILES. You think that Apple would have nailed down there operating system tools, but recently I came across this tool called Pathfinder which is far better than Apple’s Finder and the interface is the same. It has an option to show hidden files among other great things that I wish finder had. It costs 40$ but if you don’t feel like spending money for something that should be included, then open the terminal app and type the following

defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES

Relaunch Finder (command+alt+esc)